I had been struggling with some very challenging times and was fortunate enough to receive help and support from a wonderful counsellor.  It was a real “dark night of the soul” for me, but when I came out on the other side it had definitely been worth it.  Having experienced such positive results through the counselling process I wanted to be able to offer that kind of support to others when needed.

My counsellor helped me to look at myself and my problems in a different way and encouraged me to make some much needed changes in my life.  He never told me what I had to change or gave me do this but don’t do that instructions.  Instead, he assisted me in seeing my path forward while making sure I understood that I was the only one who could walk it.  By taking this approach he empowered me not only to make the changes I needed to make but also to recognise that I was the one who had done the work.

I had needed someone impartial to share my problems with, to bring them out into the open so I could understand them.  Once I recognised them I was able to accept them for what they were and move beyond them.  My counsellor had only one agenda – to help me help myself.  I knew that whatever I said to him would be completely confidential and the he wouldn’t judge me for anything.  Knowing this allowed me to trust him, confide in him fully and start the healing process.

My life improved a great deal as a result of the counselling experience I had, and so I decided I wanted to pass the opportunity on to other people who may need it.  My job is assisting my clients to make changes in their lives that improve their wellbeing, and I am very grateful for the chance to do so.